Hiroshima Prefecture

Wild Bird Society of Japan - Hiroshima Prefecture Branch
Birdwatching at Matsunaga Bay
  • Sunday 25 April
Birdwatching at Yahata River
  • 29 April (National holiday)

  • We will watch shorebirds at Matsunaga Bay, eastern Hiroshima, and at Yahata River Estuary, western Hiroshima. They are among only remaining tidal flats within Inner Seto Sea. We will think the importance of those remaining tidal flats.
Tokushima Prefecture

Wild Bird Society of Japan - Tokushima Prefecture Branch
Sparing Has Come! What Birds, Insects and Fish Are Doing?
  • Sunday 18 April at Yoshino River Estuary
  • The construction works has begun for the huge bridge that will cross over the area. A reclamation is also planned at Okisu Beach. Many wildlife live in these areas.
Tokushima Nature Watching Society & Yoshino River Tidal Flats Fan Club
Feel Breeze at Yoshino River: Open Cafe & Eco-art
  • Sunday 2 May 10:00 -
  • Fee: 100 yen and additional 100 yen for those who wish to participate in eco-art activities.
  • (material costs for making a fiddler crab with wires)
  • Regretfully the construction works has begun for the crossing bridge over the tidal flats. News steps will begin by arranging handmade fiddler crabs of wires around the area.
Kagawa Prefecture

Canoe Shop "Haruriba"
Wildlife Watching Canoe Tour at Kasuga-hama
  • Saturday 29 May 10:00 -
  • In case of rain, it will be postponed to the next day
  • At Kasuga-hama and Yashima Natural Beach, Takamatsu City
  • Meeting point: Canoe Shop Haruriba at Kasuga River Estuary
  • Fee: 9,800 yen (reservation required)
  • Mr Haru in the canoe industry, a tidal flat keeper, will show you tidal flats and Kasuga-hama, famous historic place as a battle field in old Japan. Beginners for canoeing are also welcome.
Ehime Prefecture

Wild Bird Society of Japan - Ehime Prefecture Branch

Birdwatching at Shigenobu River Estuary
  • 29 April (National holiday) 9:30 -
  • No fee required.
Birdwatching at Kamo River Estuary
  • 29 April (National holiday) 13:00 -
  • The same as the last year, we host birdwatching gatherings at two estuaries. Let's think about the importance of tidal flats through watching shorebirds.